Jeff Shamley

Jeff Shamley

Remote for Life

Remote for Life

I don't say this as a statement that I will work remote for the rest of my life, I probably will but that's not what we're talking about here.

I choose remote so that work doesn't interfere with my life.

I coach hockey for my oldest son and will soon do so for my youngest as well. I play hockey with a group of friends weekly. I ride mountain bikes at lunch, go to the gym mostly when I want and don't worry about taking a little extra time on breaks. I get to walk the kids to school, take them to the park during off days or the summer and attend all of their different activities.

The amount of time saved by not commuting to an office allows me to do these things.

Not having continual distractions that come in an office allows me to do these things.

The ability to work when it's best suited for me allows me to do these things.

We need to stop talking about work/life balance and flip that script to focussing on a life/work balance. For the most of us, work should not come before life. There are definitely situations where people can be very driven and work is their life ... that life is not for me. I believe firmly that employees that have fulfilling lives make the best workers and in general these people aren't working 70+ hours a week.

I live with far less stress due to driving a freeway and metro area 60+ minutes each way twice a day. Not having to pay $10-$30 a day to park my vehicle has been a blessing. Not having to figure out what to do for lunch everyday, which usually leads to eating out, has saved me a ton of money and allows me to eat healthier. Not getting distracted all the time by people moving about an open office or stopping by my desk has allowed for longer periods of focus, leading to better quality code.

The future shall be framed as a future where living comes before working.

What are your reasons for choosing remote work? How has it improved your life?

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